Three Reasons to Consider a Home Ventilator

home ventilatorWhen you think of managing the air quality and temperature in your home, you probably think of an air conditioner, a furnace, and maybe a few fans. After all, what more do you need?

Well, there’s another appliance that many people don’t consider.

Ventilators are relatively affordable, greatly improve the quality of your indoor air, and work in tandem with your heating and cooling appliances to save on costs. In fact, ventilators are a part of the often-referenced acronym HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning).

If you’ve often considered ventilators to be superfluous or unnecessary, perhaps its time to take a fresh look at what these appliances can do. Here are three important reasons to consider a ventilator in your home or business.

1. It saves on energy costs

You may think that adding another appliance to your home will automatically increase energy costs—but home ventilators are often the exception to this rule.

For example, an internal air exhaust system removes over 80% of the heat from your air before feeding it back into your home, which helps greatly with cooling costs. A high efficiency heat recovery core pulls the heat from stale air and effectively transfers it to fresh air, resulting in big efficiency gains during cold months.

2. It removes contaminants

Everyone knows that a well-sealed and insulated home is important to maximize heating and cooling efficiency. The downside to this is that contaminants have no exit. Such contaminants can include radon, formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Ventilators ensure that the air in your home is constantly exchanged and freshened.

3. It helps prevent moisture and mold

If you aren’t aware of the risks posed by mold infestation—both to your physical health and to the long term value of your property—it’s time to find out! Mold is a very real problem, affecting millions of American home every year.

One way to minimize the risk of a mold infestation is good ventilation. A professionally installed ventilator keeps air fresh and moving, and also helps to keep air dry. Mold prefers stale, stagnant, humid air.

All mold removal specialists recognize ventilation as an effective path toward mold prevention. A dedicated ventilator that works throughout your entire home is one of the most effective ways to keep your environment mold free.

A fresh perspective

The U.S Energy Department recognizes ventilators as one of the most important ways to make a home energy efficient. And when your home is energy efficient, it’s cheaper to maintain and more valuable on the market. Consider a ventilator not only for the immediate benefits of health and hygiene, but for the long term value and efficiency it can give you.

If you’d like to know more about ventilators, your local HVAC specialist should be able to answer your questions with no cost or obligation, and visit your home to help you decide if and how a ventilator can be put to work for you.

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