Preventative Maintenance

Some of the most costly heating and cooling problems—the ones that lead to big repairs or brand new appliances—often start out as minor maintenance issues. Preventative maintenance, performed by a qualified HVAC specialist, can help you save big in the long-run.

preventative_maintenance1How does it work? One of our HVAC service professionals comes to your home or business and inspects your equipment, going through a detailed checklist of diagnostics and tune-ups. It’s an easy, highly affordable way to ensure optimal performance for your heating and cooling systems.

We know that appliances and secondary components are a big investment, adding up to thousands of dollars. It’s also a necessary investment, especially in cold NJ winters and sweltering summers. That’s why we encourage our customers, and anybody who owns and operates an HVAC system, to nip small problems in the bud with regular maintenance. If systems are left to run unchecked year after year, small issues build up into serious problems.

Stanco meets your preventative maintenance needs, professionally and affordably, resulting in these benefits:

  • Your equipment lasts longer, and your initial investment goes further
  • Your system works more efficiently, and your monthly utility bills are lower
  • The need for costly repairs is reduced
  • Your home or business is comfortable in all four seasons
  • Your system leaves a lighter environmental footprint

Don’t gamble with your heating and cooling systems. You’ll most likely pay more on the back-end, and learn the value of preventative maintenance the hard way!

Our technicians are experienced with all types of HVAC systems and appliances—heating, cooling, ventilation, humidity, air purification and more. Preventative maintenance is affordable, fast and easy. It protects your investment, gives you peace of mind, and ensures that your equipment is keeping the air comfortable and clean.