energy saings

Energy Saving Trends to Watch Closely

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re constantly looking for products that conserve energy, save money and go easy on the environment. Fortunately, manufacturers are responding to consumer demand; there are some amazing products out there for those who want to be more green and save cash in the process. It’s not necessary to spend thousands […]

last leg

5 Signs Your Air Conditioner is On its Last Legs

Air conditioners are one of the appliances we count on the most. When something goes wrong, homeowners are left without vital cooling power during hot months. In some cases, broken or malfunctioning air conditioners can also leave them hundreds or thousands of dollars poorer. Naturally, these appliances have their own lifespans. So how do you […]


Beat the Heat with Home Cooling Secrets

It’s a great time of year when we can finally put away our bulky winter clothes and shut down the furnace. But it won’t be long before we have another concern: Staying cool in our homes while keeping energy costs down. Running the A/C full-blast may feel great, but you’ll definitely notice when the bill […]

Air Conditioner Condenser Unit Standing Outdoors

4 Simple Ways to Lower Your Springtime Energy Bills

Air conditioner condenser unit standing outdoors in a garden in a neat clean mulched flowerbed for easy access for maintenance[/caption]Managing your home’s energy usage during the spring months can be tricky. Depending on where you live, you might need heating at night and air conditioning during the day. Fluctuating temperatures, dampness, and intermittent sunshine can […]