Is A/C Preventative Maintenance really that important?

maint1Preventative maintenance for A/C systems is the last thing on many people’s minds, and some even feel it’s completely unnecessary. Who needs yet another thing to remember, and yet another deduction from the household budget?

The answer: Anyone who wants to save money in the long-run and enjoy a cooler home today! Preventative maintenance is a simple, affordable, and often overlooked way to save money each year during the warmer months in NJ (or year-round, if you live further south).

Here are the four key benefits of preventative A/C maintenance.

1. Lower your utility bills

What happens when grime builds up over a period of months and years? There’s more friction, and the unit works harder to keep your home cool. The result is an A/C that kicks in more often, doesn’t do the job as well, and sticks you with a higher bill at the end of the month. Now that’s a losing combination! Much like a vehicle, your A/C is a complicated set of moving parts. Without routine maintenance, performance will suffer and costs will increase.

2. Avoid expensive problems in the future

As with any motorized appliance, little problems in your A/C will get worse over time if you ignore them. Having a professional look at the system periodically, and perform routine tasks (like cleaning drain lines or filling refrigerant) will ensure that your investment is well-protected. It may be possible to skip maintenance for a while, especially if the unit is new—but this will almost certainly cost more in the long run. The increased strain of a poorly maintained system ultimately leads to serious and expensive problems. It’s a classic case of spending a little now to avoid spending a lot in the future.

3. Enjoy better cooling

One of the most overlooked benefits of preventative maintenance is also one of the most obvious: It gives you better cooling. Your home reaches the desired temperature faster and more efficiently when it’s been properly and professionally maintained. If not, the quality and power of your cooling system will gradually decrease until you realize there’s a problem. Many people choose to bring in the HVAC specialist once a year, at the beginning of summer, to make sure their home stays cool throughout the hotter months.

4. Your A/C lives longer

Purchasing a new A/C (and having it professionally installed) is a serious investment. In many cases the total cost is comparable to that of a used car.

The ultimate goal with any such purchase is to maximize value for as long as possible. With a used car, this would involve regular maintenance checks and oil changes. It’s the same with a central A/C system. Preventative maintenance keeps all the many parts of your A/C running smoothly and without friction, leading to a longer life span and money saved.

We hope this article has been helpful!

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